Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hide Photo Feature Unveiled

* SmugMug introduces selective viewing control over your individual photos. Using the new ‘hide photo’ check box, you can choose which photos can be seen in a gallery while ‘hiding’ others from the world. This simple-to-use feature enables even greater control over your photos and how they are displayed. Read more here.

* SmugMug’s Usage Stats feature has been overhauled to produce more accurate numbers. Views by ‘logged-in’ gallery owners will no longer register a ‘hit’ on the counters.

* If Steve read Don’s Blog entry, “This is your Mac on drugs,” he hasn’t given us any hint of it, so, at least when it comes to images on SmugMug, we’ve undertaken the task of at least partially fixing the color eccentricities on Macs ourselves. We are now attaching the sRGB profile to display copies larger than Thumbs (-S, -M, -L, -XL, -X2, -X3) . Now your photos will look the same no matter what platform you view them on.

Fixed Assorted bugs including:

* Made it so the site is compatible with this week’s update to the popular Firefox addon, NoScript.

* Help pages were failing to print properly: fixed

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